Here is our audition notice as it went out this morning. Currently all the Seattle slots for Sunday are gone and Thursday is pretty busy until about 8pm.

Honey Toad Studio will shoot a feature film this summer on Bainbridge Island.

"Force Play" is a comedy set in a park police station during a kidnapping investigation. 

The project will be paid and shot under the SAG Ultra-Low Budget Agreement. Union and non-professional actors may apply.

Though we will attempt to be accommodating, actors must be able to film regularly (2-4 days/week) on weekdays for much of July and August, as well as some of September.

Parts being cast:

Colonel Pelk - Male, 30-50 - A military type, father and Anastasia's lover. He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown following the disappearance of his children, despite (or perhaps because of) his distance from his family life.

Peter - Male, 20-35 - An amiable junior detective. He is determined to prove himself and views the case of the Pelk children as his big opportunity. (For good reason, he is expected to fail.)

Hinsley - Male, 25-40 - A senior detective and Peter's boss. He is exhausted by the burden of feeling like the most competent person in the room. 

Anastasia - Female, 20-25 - An intern and Pelk's lover. She is a talented investigator but compromised by her aggression and questionable ethics as well as her passion for Pelk.

Valerie - Female, 20-35 - Office type and Peter's ex-girlfriend. She is pursued, clumsily by two men and is just trying to figure out what's really going on and get some closure.

Robert - Written male, but flexible; 15-22 - A student and Pelk's neighbor. Kidnapped Pelk's children in a panic over debt to a notorious criminal. Stuck in the police station observing the spiraling consequences, despite being unsuspected.

Pazner - Written female, but flexible; 40-80 - A direct, street smart newspaper vendor. Sees the crime committed and is able to play the circumstances for financial benefit.

Auditions will be held in the Armory at Seattle Center in TPS Studio G on Sunday, 5/4 from 3pm to 7pm and in Bainbridge Performing Arts' Portable B on Bainbridge Island on Thursday, 5/8 from 6pm to 10pm. Email a resume, a headshot, scheduling information and, if possible, links to your reel or relevant work to to learn more, book an appointment and/or get sides. Walk-ins will be accepted, time allowing.